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Delivery Information

Please see the Schedule below to find delivery charges to your area.

Deliveries can be made within 2 to 10 working days days from receipt of payment and may also be dependant on cleared funds.  

Delivery arrangements may be made for a certain date within business hours only (07.30hrs to 16.30 hrs Mon to Fri).

Please Note: (i-v)  

i) We offer roadside delivery only.  It is worth considering where heavy goods are involved that you may require some help once the goods have been dropped.

ii) Please also make a note at time of ordering if there are any restricted access issues to your address - as alternative arrangements may need to be made.

iii) We are able to deliver outside of the areas on the schedule below but please contact us for a price first - as it may not always be economical. 

iv) Please ensure your contact information is correct and that there is at least one telephone number we may contact you on to finalise delivery arrangements.

v) You may contact us prior to ordering regarding any of the points above or any other concerns you may have on telephone: 01633 730 672 or email: sales@montimber.co.uk
Timberclick South Wales Delivery Schedule

Band A - Green Zone £15.00 +VAT, free delivery over £150 (Exc. VAT)
Postcodes: NP10, NP11, NP18-NP20, NP26, NP44
CF1, CF3-CF5, CF10, CF11, CF14, CF15, CF23, CF24, CF30, CF64, CF83, CF91, CF95, CF99

Band B - Yellow Zone £25.00 +VAT, free delivery over £250 (Exc. VAT)
Postcodes: NP4, NP7, NP12, NP13, NP15, NP16, NP22-NP24
CF6, CF31-CF33, CF35-CF40, CF45-CF48, CF61-CF63, CF71, CF72, CF82

Band C - Purple Zone​​ £35.00 +VAT, free delivery over £300 (Exc. VAT)
Postcodes: SA1, SA6, SA7, SA10-SA13, SA80, SA99
CF34, CF41-CF44
NP8, NP25
GL15, GL16
BS1-BS11, BS16, BS32, BS34-BS36, BS99, BS98

TimberClick South Wales is Serviced By Mon Timber.